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Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Its Working

February 13, 2012

Web hosting working on the phenomena of sharing resource like CPU, RAM, Space etc. A cheap web hosting like shared web hosting allow the accessing of resources that has many drawbacks like limitations of bandwidth and server resources. Sharing hosting servers can host hundreds of websites simultaneously. That lacks the security and speed of your website.

The main problem of shared web hosting service is the lack control over the server level access like http servers, mail servers etc. You can’t do any administrative task from you end on these server system neither operating system choice nor compile programs. Someone think “what need we have to interfere in the tasks of web servers” and they are satisfy by work on web hosting company. But someone wants to expertise their hands at server level and want to do some administrative task such as spam filters or firewalls then the concept of VPS (virtual private servers) start.

A VPS is an independent server that is divided by using software’s and work as a physical server. A VPS also have the shared resources like shared web hosting but beyond this it works like a independent server due to advance software settings. You can install a different operating system for each Virtual private server and can be configure it in any way.


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