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How to Activate SpamAssassin in cPannel Web hosting

March 5, 2012

cPanel is the best control panel in web hosting niche that is know for best results and excellence performance in managing and interfacing various user accounts. An admin of cPanel can configure the setting of web hosting services to enhance the performance and secure the websites from spammer and virus ineffectual mails.

Here is the tutorial on how to set the SpamAssassin in cPanel to avoid the junky and spam mails from your inbox. SpamAssassin technique follows the methods of verification of local and network tests to identify the spam messages and undesired contents from web. You just need to do some changes in the setting of cPanel configuration to activate SpamAssassin technology.

To activate the SpamAssassin Go to cPanel Configuration setting and click on the cPanel -> SpamAssassin icon.

Now it redirects you to next page and click on Enable SpamAssassin Button.

SpamAssassian uses the flag messages according to scores of messages. These scores are generated by using different algorithms to check the spam messages. The default score that filter the messages in 5 but you can modify it. Spam Assassian allow you to set more restrictive score to from configuration section. To do the same click on the configure SpamAssassin button on the same page.

Make sure to Disable Auto Delete Spam button because by default after saving the setting SpamAssassian automatically delete the mails that come under the score. If you like to receive such spam mails then don’t forget to disable the auto delete spam button.


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