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How to Set the Sub Domains form cPanel Web Hosting

March 6, 2012

You buy the web hosting with cPanel admin that allow setting addition sub domains. Create a domain and set it as parked domain, now add sub domain and host additional domains under your main account.

cPanel allow you to set the sub domain from parked domain for addon’s etc. To set a sub domain enter its name and home directory name. For example if your main domain in and want to set a sub domain then set it like Its is recommended that your home directory should be sub folder of pubic_html folder and all files should be uploaded to it and visible via sub domain.

One should remember while setting parking domains that these domains must be registered by the registrar. To add more website then existing one use he addon tool. An Addon has two components: – an addon slot and domain name. Addon Slot support the single additional website to be hosted on your TMD hosting accounting. To order extra addon just do following: –

Customers’ area -> Extra Products -> Addon Slot

Once you have addon slot then set your domain name as addon domain. For this follow :-

cPanel -> Addon Domains

After you have your addon slot you will need to set your new domain name as addon domain one. This could be performed from cPanel -> Addon domains.


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