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What is Domain Name System and DNS Server?

March 26, 2012

To manage the name of websites and other internet domains, DNS (domain name system) servers are used. It’s DNS who allow a client to request human readable query in browser like instead of 0 and 1’s. Every computer on internet allocated with unique IP address ( that is impossible for human to remember. Domain Name system ( is much easier to remember than IP address. DNS permit a user to connect to other computers on different networks by remembering their domain names. Reverse domain name system transfer the IP address into domain name and domain name into IP address. Domain name system is a collection of DNS server.

DNS servers are special purpose computers those run on special and high tech software’s. DNS server use the high tech networking software to run, features a public Internet Protocol (IP) address that consist the database of its network names and address for other hosts. DNS servers use the private network protocols to communicate. The building system of DNS servers in hierarchy order and top level servers are known as root server. The root severs store the complete database of network that include the IP address and domain names. Internet employs 13 root server’s that are maintained by various private held organizations. These servers are naming A, B, C, and D up to M.

Every company or organization has at least one server handing DNS queries to maintain a computer network. DNS servers hold the IP address of network as well as cache of IP addresses that accessed recently outside the network. Each computer on network only needs to know one name server. There are three things to happen when a computer request for IP address weather it is in network or not.

1. Quick and fast response if an IP address is registered locally.
2. Little or no wait for response if an IP address is recently requested from someone within network or organization.
3. If queries are taking from seconds to minutes that means you are first to search for this query. There is no search in the local cache for this query since last 12 hours to one week. Local server perform search from remote location servers on the behalf of your network configuration.

DNS is like an electronic book that serves you to find an IP address


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