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How to make a Website Live on Internet

March 31, 2012

You designed and developed an enticed web portal that represents your products and services. Now its time to make it live on internet world. Besides attractive Designing and developing it’s all ineffectual if it is not live on internet. Here I am going to describe how to make a website live on internet. To make live on internet, you should have to possess three things domain name, server space and FTP. Domain name is the unique identification of your web portal that helps user to remember a website like, here is a domain name. Server Space is the area or disk where your website is stored for internet usage. You can’t live a website without possession of server space on web hosting servers like apache and window hosting etc. Server hosting is of different types linux hosting, windows hosting, coldfusion hosting etc. Select one among them that is suitable to website. Go on after choosing a reliable and secure web hosting. FTP is the acronym of File Transfer Protocol that builds a connection between local computer and server. It’s FTP that will upload and download files from server. Access the authenticity of FTP by FileZilla. Now you have all three things that are mandatory to get a website live. Now you purchased a domain that is easy to remember, web space to store website and installed FTP on your computer.

Follow these steps to complete this process.   

1. Run FileZilla FTP by going to all programs list or by desktop icon. It look like given image.

FTP Screen

2. Before you start it’s recommended to get know about its various areas’. Below image describe its functionality.

FTP Display Area

FTP Working Details

In this image we have four parts that are divided into four split windows. The top part of FTP is login area. We have to enter host name, user name and password in this area to connect with server. Incorrect or left blank resist us to connect with servers. Next Part shows the drives on local computer and web hosting server. Left part of screen is local disk and right part is web server.

3.  Next part shows the status of downloading and uploading files. If you have to download a file then go to server part and right click -> download. File will be downloading to its specified folder. Do same while uploading go to left side part and access file from local disk and then upload them?

These are the fundamentals of uploading a website on internet


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