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Web Servers and their working Phenomena

April 30, 2012

Web servers are responsible to successfully run websites on internet. Internet is a system under which millions of computer networks interconnected together and exercised the IP suite which is known as TCP/IP to provide billions of users universally. These computers share their resources, data and network with each other under the surveillance of various security protocols like HTTP, FTP and TCP etc. We need to store a website on web servers to run it online and to access in all across world. A web server is combination of high configured hardware and high tech software’s those are fully responsible to give you access of stored files. HTTP is known as hyper text transfer protocol (hyper text transfer protocol) which is mainly used to transfer files across world via considering internet. HTTP takes the help of TCP (Transfer control protocol) to request and response from browser or client side.

It is web server that responds to client on requests. Every time either web server or web client (browser) need http to response – request information.

how web server work

This is the fundamental diagram of web server working phenomena and represents how a web browser send request to web server and web server revert back to web browser by http. TCP (transmission control protocol) built a connection with web browser and web server. TCP is the suite of multiple protocols like FTP, HTTP, SMTP and responsible for authentic and reliable connection. To eliminate a connection we have to close TCP or web browser. A web browser is user end software and used to make requests to web server with IP (internet protocol) address of website or webpage. Each and every website has its unique IP address that is set up when we store website to web hosting servers.

When web browser request an IP address like ( to web server then it check weather it is stored in its cache or not if its found in cache then it response from their otherwise send request to other DNS servers on internet to find particular IP address. It is DNS server that gives the information of IP address to web browser. Once web browser gets know about where IP address is located it requests its full information from there. As soon as web server gets a request it response it with proper information if available either revert back an appropriate error message. Now you are seeing that page with full information without knowing back-end process. This is the basic working phenomena of web server. A web server use high tech software’s and highly configured hardware devices.


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