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Importance of Unique IP Address

May 7, 2012

IP address is the unique address of a website or network. It is IP address that distinguishes your website among others. An IP address is the combination of 4 numbers that are unique among others. IP address represent a website name in numerical form like goes for etc. To locate or open a website we type its domain name that is associated with IP address on server.

The most dangerous cause not to use same IP address of more than one website is if a website of them get ban or spam by search engine like Google then all of other websites hosted on same IP address also get banned. This is the most negative point of using same IP address for different websites. Website with unique IP address is more reliable and safe than shared IP websites. A web server hosts more then 1 one website on their server so due to lack of available IP addresses sometime they assign all websites same IP address. A unique IP address website is unaffected by other website’s on same server so always go for a IP address that is not still shared with someone.

Due to lack internet space it was announced in 2011 that the last batch of IP address is allocated to websites. As the lack capacity of IPv4 suite it is considered to design a more powerful and wide internet suite that can hold as much as IP addresses so we don’t need to change. While considering all of this IPv6 is designed by researchers. But due to implementation of IPv4 in most web servers and ISP’s its not possible to change it entirely because an IP located on IPv4 will not be work with IPv6. The IPv6 can hold 360 undecillion IP address and available since 1999 but due its slow transaction and transferring 4.3 billion IP addresses from IPv4 to IPv6 takes time.


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