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How to Setup DNS client / Name Server IP?

May 23, 2012

As I already write so many posts about DNS and its working so you can read them by surfing blog. Domain name converts the name of website ( to an IP address ( A web address or IP address is not only the name of website but helps to route traffic over internet.
Today I am going to post about DNS configuration.

New users of linux find it difficult to setup / modify name server addresses with Name servers (NS1 / NS2). Use /etc/hosts file for small and local resolution files. As we know domain name servers are responsible for website names like of IP address because it is easy to remember a name instead of IP address. To configure Linux DNS, we have to modify /etc/resolv.conf file. This file describe about name servers to use. We need to point out with ISP and DNS servers to setup linux and network services like www or smtp.

We have to modify resolv.conf to set name of IP address and resolv.conf contains the IP address of name servers (DNS name resolvers) that helps to translate name into IP (internet protocol) for available node on the network.

Setup DNS Name resolution

Use (su) command to login into root folder to setup linux as DNS client.
Step # 1: Open /etc/resolv.conf file:
# vi /etc/resolv.conf

Step #2: Add your ISP nameserver as follows:

Note Max. three name server can be used/defined at a time.

Step # 3:Test setup ns lookup or dig command:

$ dig
$ nslookup

Here are some more glossary terms to understand.

DNS Client: – DNS client is responsible to configure file /etc/resolv.conf, which defines the IP address of DNS server.

Bind: – Bind is the suite of DNS related software’s that runs under linux and acronym of Berkeley Name Domain Project.


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