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What is Reseller Hosting and Some Useful Tips

Reseller hosting is the process of selling space and bandwidth to websites without setting up servers or administrators. Genuine web hosting provides give access to particular customers to sell their space on behalf of them. Reseller hosting give the chance to store the websites on servers that is not yours but you can sell space from them. A reseller hosting provider acts as middlemen who buy and sell. Reseller hosting business adopted by entrepreneurs who are interested to expand business but don’t want to set own servers.

Reseller hosting providers buy the massive amount of space with extremely high bandwidth and after that manage it in chunks. These chunks are combination of split bandwidth and space from bought one. These averagely spilt chunks then sold out to top customers. Reseller hosting is known for its flexibility and effectiveness to operate. There are some other aspects that make it popular. Many web hosting companies are reselling their server space and bandwidth to top customers. Reseller hosting experience provides the expertise of space selling and accumulate the customer information that help them to reinforce with own web server in future.


This is brief about reseller web hosting. Here are some tips regarding reseller hosting that might be follow: –

1. Set a goal to sale the accounts per day. Don’t set it on high like 10 or 20 instead expertise with couple and expand as need.

3. Add your family members as your own customers.

4. Visit the web hosting or webmaster related forums and identify the users who are seeking for new web space and sale them.

5. Make good impression on clients with some unique perks and services

6. Keep a close eye on your competitors, what they are doing in market?

So these are some tips about reseller hosting that an entrepreneur can do with reseller hosting business.


How to Set the Sub Domains form cPanel Web Hosting

You buy the web hosting with cPanel admin that allow setting addition sub domains. Create a domain and set it as parked domain, now add sub domain and host additional domains under your main account.

cPanel allow you to set the sub domain from parked domain for addon’s etc. To set a sub domain enter its name and home directory name. For example if your main domain in and want to set a sub domain then set it like Its is recommended that your home directory should be sub folder of pubic_html folder and all files should be uploaded to it and visible via sub domain.

One should remember while setting parking domains that these domains must be registered by the registrar. To add more website then existing one use he addon tool. An Addon has two components: – an addon slot and domain name. Addon Slot support the single additional website to be hosted on your TMD hosting accounting. To order extra addon just do following: –

Customers’ area -> Extra Products -> Addon Slot

Once you have addon slot then set your domain name as addon domain. For this follow :-

cPanel -> Addon Domains

After you have your addon slot you will need to set your new domain name as addon domain one. This could be performed from cPanel -> Addon domains.

How to Activate SpamAssassin in cPannel Web hosting

cPanel is the best control panel in web hosting niche that is know for best results and excellence performance in managing and interfacing various user accounts. An admin of cPanel can configure the setting of web hosting services to enhance the performance and secure the websites from spammer and virus ineffectual mails.

Here is the tutorial on how to set the SpamAssassin in cPanel to avoid the junky and spam mails from your inbox. SpamAssassin technique follows the methods of verification of local and network tests to identify the spam messages and undesired contents from web. You just need to do some changes in the setting of cPanel configuration to activate SpamAssassin technology.

To activate the SpamAssassin Go to cPanel Configuration setting and click on the cPanel -> SpamAssassin icon.

Now it redirects you to next page and click on Enable SpamAssassin Button.

SpamAssassian uses the flag messages according to scores of messages. These scores are generated by using different algorithms to check the spam messages. The default score that filter the messages in 5 but you can modify it. Spam Assassian allow you to set more restrictive score to from configuration section. To do the same click on the configure SpamAssassin button on the same page.

Make sure to Disable Auto Delete Spam button because by default after saving the setting SpamAssassian automatically delete the mails that come under the score. If you like to receive such spam mails then don’t forget to disable the auto delete spam button.

Introduction to Linux Web Hosting

Linux web hosting is the best alternative of windows web hosting. Web hosting is the phenomena of storing website to a server, that is capable to stay online every time. Linux web hosting has extensive features that make it more popular among other web hosting servers. It support the Apache server that is more convenient from the seo point of view. Linux is a open source platform that make it more popular and powerful among other web servers. Linux support all new web developing technologies like php, MySQL, Python, xml etc.

Linux web hosting contains the Linux-Apache-MYSQL-PHP/Perl/Python bundle that is know LAMP software. Apache is the one of the most used open source  and multi platform web server. Linux hosting plans uses the apache servers. MySQL is a strong database platform that provide the instant access to multiple users to enhance the visibility of website.

Linux web hosting come first in the concerns of security and reliability if we compare with other web hosting providers like windows web hosting etc. So the users of linux hosting expect more uptime and reliability from linux web hosting. Linux web hosting require less refresh after upgrade while windows requires it every time. There are so many other advantages of linux web hosting like user friendly interface and easily understandable admin interface.

Website Hosting Faults and Causes

A website owner always want to live his/her website 24 hours. There is no one web hosting provider who can give guarantee of doing website live 100% in each situation and time. There are many obstacles like natural disaster. Here is the list of some possible obstructions.

  • Hardware Failure
  • Software Failure
  • Customer code inefficient
  • Terrorist Attack
  • Fire
  • Power Outage
  • Denial of Service (DOS) Attacks
  • Unauthorized hacker’s gained the access of administrator
  • Links become unavailable

Points to Consider While Selecting a Web Hosting Provider

You developed a wonderful website that have unique contents and attractive designs. It is the time to make it live by hosting it on web hosting servers. There are a number of web hosting companies available that are ready to serve . But most of them are deceptive and claim for better services while the reality is contrast of it.

Here are some tips that should be noted while hiring a web hosting company. You Can’t go simply by taking their face value. The main issue while selecting such service providers are their lucrative promises that includes the galore of hidden charges or their site down half of the time. So we pointed out some guidelines that should be consider while choosing a web host: –

1. Unlimited Bandwidth: – Unlimited bandwidth sounds to good to be. A plenty of web hosts claim for unlimited bandwidth that is deceptive and contrast of their usage policy. They slap extra fees with fain on your bill or somewhat start to slow down your website if you go beyond their untold limits.

So before hiring web hosts read carefully their resource abuse policy.  You shall found a teeny clauses with tiny sentence that is  saying about this.

2. Pay for what you want: – Some web hosts offer unlimited bandwidth with cheap prices if we compete with market prices. This is the augment of their deceptive mess. They emulate the idea that you won’t be use the amount of memory they offer but if you do so then they should be suspend your account and your website goes to offline.

3. Enough Space To Grow: – Once your website become popular then it require more space to grow corresponding requests and feedback queries. Before hire a web host check whether they provide large accounts or small ones? If a web hosts disable to grow your room for website then look for other. Look out a web hosting provider who are providing 10 GB bandwidth per month with dedicated servers.


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Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Its Working

Web hosting working on the phenomena of sharing resource like CPU, RAM, Space etc. A cheap web hosting like shared web hosting allow the accessing of resources that has many drawbacks like limitations of bandwidth and server resources. Sharing hosting servers can host hundreds of websites simultaneously. That lacks the security and speed of your website.

The main problem of shared web hosting service is the lack control over the server level access like http servers, mail servers etc. You can’t do any administrative task from you end on these server system neither operating system choice nor compile programs. Someone think “what need we have to interfere in the tasks of web servers” and they are satisfy by work on web hosting company. But someone wants to expertise their hands at server level and want to do some administrative task such as spam filters or firewalls then the concept of VPS (virtual private servers) start.

A VPS is an independent server that is divided by using software’s and work as a physical server. A VPS also have the shared resources like shared web hosting but beyond this it works like a independent server due to advance software settings. You can install a different operating system for each Virtual private server and can be configure it in any way.